About me

I’m a programmer, musician, and author. I’m co-author of “Agile Web Development with Rails 5.1” as well as the author of “Rails, Angular, Postgres, and Bootstrap”, “The Senior Software Engineer”, and “Build Awesome Command-Line Applications in Ruby 2”. I speak frequently at national and regional conferences and spend my days currently as a Director of Engineering at Stitch Fix, where I helped take us from a team of 3 developers and one application to a public company powered by a message-based, microservices architecture, generating almost a billion dollars in revenue (I had a lot of help :).

I value delivering results and business value, and see technology as a powerful tool in service to those goals. I’ve delivered results to users using Ruby, C, Java, SQL, Messaging, and Microservices, and look forward to using whatever is within my means to make technology work. I fight for the users. Also a huge fan of Peter Hook and the Oxford comma.

My Writing

My Software

  • GLI - a DSL for making more complex command line apps in Ruby
  • Adventure - My “cover” of classic 2600 game Adventure
  • Methadone - a simple way to make command line apps in Ruby
  • Ruby Style Guide - My personal Ruby style guide + tools to make your own

My Music